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7Acre Computer Services the Fenland based independent technical support team specialising in business and professional integrated technology solutions

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01945 450807
Our Services

Onsite, telephone and remote access support for all computer requirements including Hardware, Software, Networking, New Installations, Troubleshooting, Backups, .

Virus Protection and Security, Server Installation & Maintenance, Database maintenance and development (Primarily in Microsoft Access), website design and hosting including email addresses and Internet access.




If you are considering upgrading your business server we can help. There are a number of factors to take note of and we can talk you through them all so you can make the best choice for your business.


Wether you want the latest Microsoft solution or a fast efficient Linux server call us now on  01945 450807


If you have an existing Database or require the creation of a new database to your specific requirements, we can provide a cost effective solution. With Access 2007 Runtime Environment it is not necessary to have Access 2007 installed on each PC to use a database, as an alternative the much less expensive MS Office compatible products such as Open Office or Star Office  can be utilised for most if not all your standard Desktop requirements, Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Database.

• Websites

An internet persence is essential for almost all business today and at 7Acre Computer Services we can ensure that you have a professional high profile image on the internet.

• Databases

If you need to inprove the way you access your customer information or make a better connection between sales and purchasing 7Acre Computer Services has the right solution for you.

At 7Acre Computer Services we offer a full range of business to business computer solutions across Fenland and the surrounding areas. Solutions include onsite, telephone and remote access support for all your computer requirements:

• Networks

A fully fuctional network is essential for your business to run efficiently at 7Acre Computer Services we will ensure that all your vital business information is securly shared and backed up.

• Hardware

From compleat office systems to single computers we can help you make the correct choice, supply and intall.